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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Family Car Vinyl Decals/Wed. Blog Hop

FAMILIES...We all have them..We all love them (most of the time) A way to show who your family is, is to have Vinyl Decals on your car! You have seen them on cars all around. What I Love... is you can personalize them so much! Hair, Age, Bikes...You can do a Ski Family...Flip Flop Family..Fish Family.. The creativity is endless plus you show the world your pride in your Family (on the window of your CAR) Have I told you lately how much I love making Vinyl Decals? Hope this inspires something in you...Go be creative..Make something... Now it's your turn...what have you been making? You know the RULES...Wednesday Blog Hop Below..

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  1. Those are too cute! Glad I found your blog I'm your newest follower :)