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Friday, June 3, 2016

What's for Father's Day at Santa's Gift Shoppe

Father's Day is coming up..June 19th. My Dad is 
in Heaven..but hope you will be celebrating
with your Dad on Fathers Day. Have you got 
something for him yet? If not there are some
fun things we have for him in our Etsy Store.
Happy Father's Day, Dad.Your the BEST. I love you.
 This is a GLASS BANK (see below) where he can
stash some cash for something he is saving up for.
You can find Glass Block Banks usually at any
Home Store. The decal is a fun Sport's car with
the personalized "Dads" on it. It's only $7.50
for the vinyl decals. Here is the link to the Etsy store:
 If you want to let your dad know he is the"Best Dad Ever"
we have that saying on a Hand Sanitizer for him. You can see
this  if you CLICK HERE
 How about a decal for his aluminum water bottle?
Personalize it with his name and favorite sport icon.
He can take it anywhere, fishing, skiing, to a sports
event...the ideas are endless. CLICK HERE

or get him his monogram and he can put it on his
laptop, truck, car, motorcycle, Water bottle..again
a versatile gift he could use anywhere. They are
 inexpensive too. They start at $2.75. They are in
the Etsy Store..CLICK HERE

or you can get his name and put it on anything as well.
Starting at $1.99. See Below. For more details CLICK HERE
Have a great day celebrating your wonderful Father.

Thursday, March 31, 2016


It's that time of year appreciate the wonderful
teacher's in our lives as well as our children's lives.
What a noble profession and the people who do it.
It's coming up fast (May 2-6th) Would you like to
give them a special gift to say "Thank You" for all the
hard work, time and energy they put into teaching our
children? Here are some items from our Etsy Store
to help you do that,

Below is one of our favorite's..A Teacher's Desk Plate.

Made from sturdy acrylic it is really beautiful and
all the teacher's that have received them just love them!

Here are some others that are greatly loved:
Personalized Hand Sanitizer's

  Teacher's Room Decor
Key Chains
 Cell Phones Personalized 
We hope that these items have helped you in your search
for the perfect "Teacher Appreciation Gift" this year. Come
in the store and check them out. CLICK HERE

Friday, February 26, 2016

St. Patrick's Day Fun Vinyl Decal Stickers

                                                St. Patrick's Day is March 17th. It's
                                                a fun day filled with surprises, funny little
                                                pinches, and Corned Beef  & Cabbage. 
                                                To put a little celebration into your home 
                                                this year, we have a few new things at the 
                                               Etsy store. Top photo are decals saying
                                               "Happy St, Patrick's Day" put on wooden
                                                blocks that you can get at Lowe's and they 
                                                will even cut the wood free of charge. You 
                                                just need a 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" cut into 1 piece 6"
                                                and 1 piece 8".


                                               The other items we have been working on
                                               for St. Patrick's Day are these St. Paddy's
                                               Day decals for glasses and we also have
                                               great Peel n Stick set of decals of Shamrocks.
                                               Can you imagine what a fun Party it would be
                                                to have some glasses like these? Here is the link:
                                               CLICK HERE

                             COME CHECK OUT OUR FUN DECALS!
                                        Hope you all have a fun and 
                                           Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Valentine's Day Glass Decals and Glasses for Other Occasions

Valentine's Day will be here two weeks from 
tomorrow. What goes? was just Christmas.
I wanted to show you some fun ideas for   
"Valentine's Day" or any special occasion
from our shop on Etsy. These beautiful glasses
(above) were made  by a customer of mine
with vinyl decals she purchased from
 "Santa's Gift Shoppe Vinyl Year Round".  

She did a fabulous job..Don't you think? 
She ordered the decals with the name/
Initials and dots she wanted for her sons 
wedding in Texas.(if I remember it right) 
She just loved them and was surprised at 
how easy it was. She ordered many Names
/Initials and Dots (they are sold individually 
with 1 name/Initial and Dots or 5 of those 
in a set) with transfer tape on them. You receive 
easy directions and very quickly you have a 
beautiful table setting. Here are a few other 
glass ideas for those other special occasions 


You too, can make beautiful glasses like these 
for  Valentine's Day (or any special occasion) 
for that special someone" and yourself. The
vinyl decals & dots are priced very inexpensively
You could even go to Dollar Tree and get beautiful
glasses for a great price as well.
Here is a link to the store:

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day and
don't forget to take a peek at our Fun Vinyl Decals 
for all the fun occasions in your life. We also have 
hearts and dots for kitchenaids.  

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cleaning a Crock Pot Fast and Easy

I thought I would give you a kitchen tip that I saw on
Pinterest. I tried this and it is fast and easy. Two words
that I really like. I have pics to show you the Before and After.

Since the Championship games for NFL and AFL are
on 1/23/16 and then Super Bowl is on Feb 7th I know a lot
of Crock Pots are going to get used a lot, so I thought I would
tell you this tip in hopes of making your clean-up a little easier.

***This idea is for the INSIDE of the crock pot
(the aluminum part) not the ceramic bowl.***

What you need:
~ 1 can oven spray cleaner (check label to be sure it is
ok to use on aluminum)
~ Some scrubbies (the green and yellow scrubbers)

Spray an even coat of foam around the inside of the cooker...
the aluminum part.(I did it in my kitchen and did not have any 
problem with any fumes)..but you may wish to do it outside. 

Let it sit for about 90 min. After that...use a scrubby sponge
to wipe out the foam. LOOK for yourself @ pics down below:
Hope this helps you with the clean up. Enjoy the games.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Valentine's Day..Gift Items...Hand Sanitizers..Kitchenaid Decals...Monograms

                        We have a lot of fun in our Etsy store making 
                        things that will help you update or brighten up 
                        your home decor.Valentine's Day is coming and 
                        these are a few gift ideas we have been working 
                        on in the shoppe.
                       The top photo is our Valentine's Day Hand Sanitizer
                       with hearts instead of dots. We love making these 
                        for our customers and the compliments they get for 
                        giving it as a gift...well, the recipients just love them..
                        especially teachers. Come check them out. Here is 
                        the link:

                        Below is our Kitchenaid Vinyl Swirls Design. It updates
                        your mixer as well as your kitchen decor. People just
                        have so much fun with these.

                           Next (below) are Monogrammed Vine Letters. First Initial
                           is your First name, Second (largest) is your Last name, and
                           Third is your Middle name. Everyone  loves these. You can
                           put them, laptop, iPad, notebook, sports
                           bag, mixers, the ideas are endless.

                             The last item (below) is a set of 10 different sizes 
                             of 3-Letter Monograms. There again they can go
                             on laptops, iPads, cars, Kitchenaids, anything looks
                             great with a monograms. They are so popular right now.
                             They are priced at only $1.79 per decal.
                             Here is the link to these items:

                              Anyway..come on over for a fun time looking at all the
                             great items there are to make your home more fun and

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Great Valentine's Day Gifts from santasgiftshoppe on Etsy...Kitchenaid Makover

                KITCHENAID MAKEOVER.....This is the BEFORE

These are the AFTERS....
What a great Valentine's Day Gift...To make your
old plain boring Kitchenaid into a FUN, UPDATED
KITCHENAID. Especially for Valentine's Day or
anytime you want to perk up your kitchen!
Here are some fun ideas for Valentine's Day Gifts
for that special someone.

Personalized Vinyl for Kitchenaids or any Stand Mixer
are a great idea. These are so popular and the person
who receives one to put on their mixer is one happy

The top left example is a personalized name and dots.
You can have up to 3 colors for the dots in various sizes.
Here is the link to it in our Etsy store:

The Middle example is a Damask Pattern for a Kitchenaid
or Stand Mixer. These are very popular as well.
Here is the link to it in our Etsy store:

The Bottom example is a Personalized Vinyl for
Kitchenaids  or Stand Mixers.  You can see the difference the color choices make.

There were a number of husbands buying these for their wives for Christmas. They could not wait to put them on their mixers I was told.  Come by and check our other gifts out as well.