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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Kidney Transplant...Transplant Day Finally Arrives

    The   twenty-four hours before my transplant
were more than a roller coaster ride. My daughter's paired-exchange kidney donation was yesterday March 11th (a day before my kidney transplant). My husband and I waited in the waiting room to hear news of how she was doing. She went in the morning to have a benign  tumor and kidney removed (the kidney was going to be given to a person who had been waiting on the National Kidney Waiting List).

A doctor came out and told us that everything
had gone very well, and she was doing fine. We were
very relieved to hear that. He did say, however, that
they had taken her appendix as well. It was actually
a blessing because evidently, it could have burst at
any time. He also said that he wanted permission to
take her gall bladder out because they found small
gall stones that would eventually give her trouble in
the future. What started out to be a wonderful gesture
of giving someone a kidney (so that I would be able to
receive one) turned into the doctors taking four major
things being removed. She is one strong young woman.

      After waiting fifteen months March 12th came, and
it was my day to receive a kidney transplant early in
the morning. The surgery went very well, and the
kidney functions worked immediately (a great blessing)
was wonderful. They are so thorough with everything
they do. I have always felt that I have been in good hands
with my transplant team.

      As the days went on, I had no idea of the pain that
would commence. It was pretty tough physically.
I was very blessed that my daughter was in the room next
door. She gave me wonderful support and encouragement.
We walked around the hospital floor everyday for our
exercise and to accelerate recovery, but it was very painful.
It made it easier having my daughter to walk by my side.

      We did so well that we only stayed in the hospital for
four days. We had been ready to go home for a few hours
when they told me I needed an infusion that would take
an additional two hours before leaving the hospital. The
rollercoaster ride continued. I had the infusion, and finally
went home an hour later.

     Speaking of home, my daughter at the end of 2011
told me she had a very strong feeling she needed to buy
a house during the year. She had no idea why, but knew
she needed to follow through with the feeling that wouldn't
go away. A month later, I found out that I had 11%
kidney function and would need a kidney transplant.
I am so grateful that my daughter listened to the
impression because I have had such a wonderful
and relaxed time staying in her comfortable home
for all of these months. She has been such an angel.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Kidney Transplant...Waiting with Patience

       Still waiting in the wings was my wonderful Good
Samaritan Donor. She was being patient waiting eight
months to see when she would donate her kidney.
That in itself was a miracle. Most Good Samaritan
Donor's are matched pretty quickly with a person needing
a kidney.

       My percentage rate of kidney function was still 
at 7% for both kidneys (normal being 60-100%). I
knew the Lord was carrying me because I still wasn't
on dialysis, that was a miracle. Also, I felt pretty well
most of the time - another blessing (with the exception
of being extremely tired most of the time).
     The doctors stopped testing the third donor, and
continued with my daughter's testing. It took some time
but finally we got a date for the transplant – news that
we had been waiting to hear for so long. The date was
planned for March 12, 2014. This meant we would be

at the University of Utah. My daughter's kidney would
be given to someone else (in this case someone from the
waiting for a kidney). This exchange would make it
possible for me to receive the Good Samaritan's kidney.
We were finally on our way to a kidney transplant!