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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reupholstered 4 Kitchen Chairs for $6 (approx. $1.25 each)

I love our house because it's filled with love, faith,
laughter & treasures of our family's life together.
But it is in serious need of a remodel or update a.s.a.p.

I have always been one to try anything myself first
before I think of a professional..and thus 99% of the
time there is no need for a I have
made it a point to just "DIY" !! Most of the time..
I'm pleasantly surprised at the things I have taught
myself to do: reupholstering projects is one of them..

So here is another project which I love how it turned

P.S. If I can do it ANYONE can do it!!!!
Not just that...but it only took 20 min. per
chair & $6.00 for all 4 chairs!!!!
cannot beat the price!!!! I used about 1 1/4yds.
of fabric (I love black & white polka dots) @
about $4.44 per yd.= $5.55+tax (approx. $6)
Hopefully you'll have these tools on hand or
maybe you could borrow them from someone.

1) Tools Needed: Staple gun w/staples, Phillips
head screwdriver, Material, & Scissors
2) Start by taking a kitchen chair & turning it upside-
down & unscrewing the screws which are holding the
cushion part on. SEE BELOW:
3) This is a great Tip..As you unscrew each screw
put it in a postition so you know which one goes where.
They all may not be the same type of screws (if you
have done this before or bought chairs from a third
party)You want each screw to line up properly in
the exact hole it came from.
4) Place the chair cushion upside down on the new
material (iron material if needed) & cut around it
leaving enough material so you can turn up the
edge, & staple it to the underside of the cushion.
Turn raw edge up & staple (most of 1 side (do not do
corners yet) Turn cushion around to opposite side,
& pull taut (TIGHT) & do the same thing on this side.
Then do remaining 2 sides same way. SEE BELOW:
5) Gather up corners (one at a time) so that the corner
is as smooth as you can get it. Pinch the bulkiness
together & cut only enough off so that you can still
turn it under & staple it to the backside of the cushion.
*** Make sure you do not COVER THE HOLE

6) Turn under & staple corner. SEE BELOW:
7) Cushion is done..Now you just have to re-
attach it to the wooden chair frame & your all done!!
8) Reattach each of the 4 screws to their correct
corner & tighten screws. SEE BELOW:
SEE YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!!! $1.25 for each
chair!!! That's what I call a DEAL!! It might even INSPIRE you to do other projects
in the kitchen...Such as Kitchen Stools..It did me..
or a HUTCH..
THANK YOU to all of you bloggers
A Special Thank You to my amazing
husband, & fantastic daughters...for
always supporting & encouraging me
with my passions in life, creative,
messy or otherwise.


  1. I love the fabric you chose. It's amazing what an impact the right project can have. Everything looks fantastic!

  2. What a dramatic change! I'm getting ready to do the 8 chairs in my dining room. It really is super easy, and the difference this makes is amazing!

  3. I love the polka dots and those bar stools are super cute. Thanks for linking up to my party.

  4. What a big difference it made. I love them all.

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  6. So cute! I love all of it. Those stool covers are especially adorable.

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  7. Wow, those look really great! I'm diggin' this site so I added you to my RSS! I can't wait to see what other awesome ideas you come up with.
    I'm visiting you from Friend Friday.

  8. I came to return your visit and to visit awhile..I love,love,love your blog. I've been looking about and everything I see is so pretty. I love the chairs,the your recipes (I voted for you)..I will most certainly be back. I've become a follower so as not to lose you..there's so much to see,I can't wait to return. Have a wonderful weekend..

  9. I think I could really do that! I love the black and white - so cute. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

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    ~ Lynn

  11. I dont think I've ever thought (or seen) of pulling a WHOLE kitchen together with FABRIC! It's everywhere but the kitchen sink and FABULOUS!
    Of coarse I'll be a follower.
    And as for any suggestions...always just be you. And only do what makes you happy! Please yourself and no one else. AKA: Put U first or your life will slowly disapear! heehee
    Thanks for hangin out at Cuegly!
    Oh! here's a good suggestion...Try leaving a comment on your own post...It's okay to have a "safe-word" for people to type first before publishing, but you need to change it so that everyone doesn't have to push PUBLISH and THEN type a word and THEN push Publish Post AGAIN. THere's a way to make a safe-word show up firstly and they only have to push "Post Comment" once.

  12. Looks really nice.

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    Aimee @ Our Life From Scratch

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  15. recovering chair seats is a great cheap way to update a look & freshen up the decor!

  16. I'd say 'you've been busy'... such a nice thing to do, change a few items and the room changes!
    I do alot of changing also... love it!
    Nice job..
    thanks for visiting my blog,, I'll come back from time to time to read what is going on next.....

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  21. very nice. Love the choice of dots

  22. These turned out great. I love the fabric.

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  28. ummm those are absolutely GORGEOUS!! I cannot believe you made them, that are so pretty and look like they were bought for at least 50$ each. I'm so inspired now! We have stools that are just wood without any cushion and i've been thinking about what to do, maybe i'll just use material and put cushion material underneath and then staple or tie them!! thanks for this idea! :)

  29. They turned out great!

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  30. Very cute project! Thanks for the Friday Follow, followed you back!

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  33. Very Cute! I'm in the middle of a CRAZY reupholstery job for myself and about to take on 6 more chairs for a client...thank you for the tips and inspiration! Found you through reinvented; so nice to meet you! -shaunna :)

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    Poppies at Play

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    I'm going to come back to this as I plan on re-doing my grandma's (now mine) dining room set, it didn't look too hard and what a difference! Great job!

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  48. I stopped by to return your visit and I'm so glad I did!
    I have been dying to either get new chairs, new cushions, or redo the ones I have and couldn't quite figure out how to do it the easiest/cheapest way.
    This post just saved my kitchen! Thank you for sharing and for the visit.

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