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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Christmas in July (Tour day #2/Kitchen/Fast/Easy Tips)

Continuing on with our Christmas in July
Tour Day 2..we are entering the Kitchen
where I smell Gingerbread baking in the
oven...Can you smell it??? In the above
photo we are looking back into the Living
room..Notice the applique "Noel" wall
hanging on the entryway into the kitchen.
I have had that for many yrs. & love the
memories every time I put it up.

Upon entering the kitchen the china hutch has
my Christmas Village collection of dinnerware
that is so festive. Tip: An easy thing to dress
up your hutch is get a garland & wrap tiny
lights around it..Gives great atmosphere...
(especially when the lights are off)
Here is one of my favorite kitchen
wood pieces. It had counted cross-stitch
hearts in the four doors..However to
update my kitchen this yr. I replaced
them with black/white polka dots (but
always have the option of putting my
cross-stitch back. Easy to remove &
change fabric.
(Above photo) Favorite Tea kettle of all time..
I found @ a craft fair..if I ever find red tea kettles
I will make these to sell. Great decor item in the
I also love Christmas plaid & Carolers of any kind.
She's my kitchen Caroler. (Above)
Did I tell you I have a Gingerbread Wall? I
love anything Gingerbread..especially these cute
little dolls..and the one with the chef's hat holds
plastic bags! I also love quilts, wall hangings, &

The Gingerbread people have even invaded the
top of my Refrigerator & Microwave!! Oh..By the
way....I did mention that THIS HOME BELIEVES..
Didn't I?

(Above) is the Stackables (Misletoe/Candycanes/
Sugarplums that I sell at my Santa's Gift Shoppe Dec. 2010

(Below) is a picture of the Christmas
Countdown Calender I made and sold
a few yrs. back.

FAST/EASY TIP for the Kitchen: Just
replace your cutains with Red ones..What
a difference it makes..I change them for
my "Santa's Gift Shoppe Boutique
(I have in my home every 1st Fri/Sat
in December) & leave them up til after
New Year's..

Just change your stool seat covers to
something Christmasy! And garland
around the breakfast bar/with red
bows doesn't hurt either!!

Remember my POST a few months back..where I
reupholstered 4 kitchen chairs for $1.25 each? Well
for these kitchen bar stools it was probably even
I hope you have enjoyed the 2nd day tour & have
picked up some inspiration or Quick Tips for your
Family/Home. Next...The Family Room/Fireplace...
Hope you'll join us...Ya'll come back now..hear?


  1. Can I move in? I LOVE your kitchen tour and your gingerbread wall, village china, garland, it all! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait for the next installment.

  2. the red tea pot is way too pretty....i want, i want:). following you. definitely gonna take tips from you when winter comes:)

  3. Looks so warm and cozy! Love the ideas! Can't wait for Christmas. This really gets me in the many days left? :)

  4. So festive. I don't even do all of this in December! It just makes me feel joyful to see these decorations in July!

  5. Such great ideas here-thank you! I am organizing my annual Christmas in July luncheon right now so your tips are really coming in handy!

    Best wishes,

  6. wow... what great ideas... how colorful... i simply fell in love with the blog...:))
    I'm visiting from New Friend Friday... you are right next to me on the list..:)

    So glad i found this! Come by for a visit when you can.

  7. So fun and festive!! Thanks for sharing your great ideas!!!

  8. Hello!
    I found your blog through a friend of mine!
    I too have a christmas Blog, A Debbie-Dabble Christmas! Please stop by and take a peek as I decorate 12 Christmas trees!!
    I love your Kitchen. I too decorate mine with gingerbread and candy decorations!!


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  10. Hi! I have a blogger award for you :)