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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Christmas Recipes/Hall/Bath

In the Christmas Kitchen..Let's stop & get
some of my Favorite Christmas Recipes to share...
(Above) Is my "Chocolate Trifle Tower"

(Below) Are my Fast/Easy "Chocolate
Peanut Clusters" ONLY 2 INGREDIENTS!!

(Below) Are party gifts for our "Christmas
Party" Guests..My husband & I have carried
on a tradition that my parents started when
I was young & that was to have a Buffet Dinner
for friends/neighbors. We usually have between
35-40 guests...We have been doing this for 20 yrs

Leaving the Kitchen Area..we are going into the hall
where hanging over us is our "Christmas Mop

(Below) We are entering the Bath..
Who in their right mind would be
showing their bathroom?? I am
showing that you can have
some fun decorating in the bath too!
By just putting a few touches here
& there it really makes the bath
as festive as the rest of the house!
Here I just put a Poinsettia (real or
silk) & a Christmas Tree (middle
size..about 20") One of my Favorite
things to make are Alpine Christmas
Trees 2', 3', 4', & 5' Tall.. (Below)Is my "Christmas Elf Clock"
He is made with Card stock, scraps of fabric,
red yarn, glue, small clock, black felt, couple
of buttons, a fine felt tip marker, & a bell.
Sorry I don't have a tutorial..He was made
before blogs!

Then moving down the hallway we have
our Welcoming X-Stitch Sign (I love
Cross-stitch) & a Snowman Quilt I made
a few years back..I LOVE Quilts &
Snowmen too!!!

(Below) Underneath the wall hanging is a
favorite little spot of mine where we have a bench
with goodies & gifts to give out when people stop by.
(Below) On each side of the bench we have
another one of my Favorite things to make...
Wooden Toy Soldiers! They take alot of
time & work but are SO Cute when they are
finished! My sister I think has bought 6 or
more from me & lines them up outside her
house & they are TOO CUTE for words!!

Coming to a close of our third day of
the the end of the hallway..

We have 2 pillars on either side of a round
table with my Decorator Alpine 2' tree,
sleigh, & a "Christmas Book..Christmas
Jars"..If you haven't read it you should.
It's wonderful!! Great tear jerker!!


  1. I'm loving your Christmas tours :-) It's been raining here today but still very warm. I'm starting to count the weeks til summer is over! I want it to be Fall, or I should say more cooler, I don't mind it being Summer but I just want the heat over with! Have a great weekend.

  2. Love the cute gift boxes!! How thoughtful to have little gifts waiting for unexpected guests!

  3. ooooooh I love Christmas in July! Oh heck, I love it all year round too. Thanks for sharing the recipes.

  4. love xmas and decorating i try to decorate our bathroom, but you've given me a new idea. thanks have a good evening

  5. So cute! I love your cute decorating ideas for Christmas! That's so neat! :o) The recipes look delicious too! Thanks for sharing! :o)

  6. TFS! I am going to have to make some of thoes peanut clusters for office gifts.

    Makaz Home

  7. Christmas in July! How much fun, and you have so many great ideas!! :) Hazel

  8. chocolate trifle tower. That is sooo awesome. I can't wait til Christmas!

  9. I could almost hear the Christmas music starting in my head. Don't get me going too soon, I still have to do all the summer stuff with the kids. Very fun post to get me cheery! Thanks.

  10. Great Blog! I'm following from Tuesday Tag-along.

  11. Great post and blog! I am definitely going to try your recipes. You are the second one I have seen that has been posting about Christmas in July...Time to get busy! Nice to meet you, Karen

  12. I'm singing "Ooh Christmas Tree" over here, and the heat index is 106 degrees. What a beautiful and impressive dessert. Can you imagine how happy a family would be to see this pulled out as a dessert? Omg -- my family would dive right in! Thank you for sharing this with the Boardwalk Bragfest!

  13. You have some really cute things! I love the your bathroom! And of course, I love the peanut clusters. The trifle looks good too. How creative to put the flower on top!

    Thanks for stopping by for Friday Favorites!

  14. Love the elf clock!! It's so cute!!! Also, thanks for stopping by! I'm your newest follower :)

  15. loved the tour of your home I forgot to look at the cookies LOL