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Monday, July 6, 2009

BBQ Chicken (Fast/Easy)

I love.....this BBQ Chicken....and so does everybody
else who has tried it.....I'm's really juicy &
delicious..... I really like to BBQ (when it's not hard
& it ends up tasting really good!) I tried a few different
ways of BBQ-ing chicken & this (for me) is the fastest
& easiest way to get Great Results.....

1) I get the chicken (a bag about 4lbs.)
@ Vons on sale price for about $8-$9.99 for
10-12 boneless/skinless breast pieces) The
number of the chicken breasts in the bag can
vary, but the taste is the BEST. Sometimes it
will be $5-$6..then I really stock up. The
flavor is the best tasting out of all the different
chicken breasts & tenders that I've tried.

2) TIP....I fry it on the stove first before I BBQ....
I do 1/2 of the bag at a time....Put a little canola
in a HOT frying pan...(you'll use less oil that
way) spread it all around, then I sprinkle garlic
powder.....lite salt.... and pepper on both sides
of the chicken pieces.

TIP..(seer on both sides to keep the juices in....)
Let cook on med. heat til 3/4 done..

3) Put on plate and ....TIP....brush each piece
with a brush or two of oil (on each side) so the juices will
stay inside the chicken...(that was a Bobby Flay's TIP....)

4) Pre-Heat BBQ grill to around 350F-375F....(you
may want to do this before you start cooking the chicken
on the stove so it'll be ready to go when you are)

5) When the grill is ready....put chicken on.....
let cook for a minute or two (with cover of grill get that smokey flavor) and then flip
chicken over and cook on other side......then start
brushing a coat of BBQ sauce (I used Kraft Honey
BBQ sauce) on one side, grill for a few min. (always
shut the lid in between... to keep the smokey
flavor in the chicken) then the other.....

6) Then repeat (I did it 3 or 4 times) just for a min.
or 2 each time...til they have finished cooking.......
and look done......and enjoy!!!


  1. Hi Barb! Thanks for inviting me to be a part of all of your fun ideas! Give your girls hugs for me! ~Lauren

  2. This chicken will rock anybody's socks off!!!!

  3. Excellent tip! I recently tried this with teriyaki marinated chicken and it was yummy.

  4. Yum! That looks super good! I bet my house full of men would love this!
    I'd love for you to join in the party on my new blog, It's A Blog Party!

  5. That looks totally delish! Maybe that's what I'll fix for dinner.

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  6. OMGosh, this sounds heavenly. I love barbeque chicken. I will definitely try this.

  7. Perfect. Often it is so difficult to get the chicken cooked just right without burning the outside of it when barbecuing, so I have tended to avoid barbecuing chicken. This method makes perfect sense. I'll cook it 75% inside and finish off outside on the grill to get that wonderful barbecue flavor. Yum!!! I can do this! I'll try the honey barbecue sauce too. I've never tried it before! Great recipe!!!

  8. I would to try this-we love fried chicken here too! Thanks for the tip on frying it first.

    Best wishes,

  9. YUM! Thanks for linking up and sharing!

  10. Mmm, this looks so yummy. I love BBQ chicken, but I've never made it before. your recipe looks like a winner to me!

    Thank you for participating the Creative Therapy session at Life in the Pitts!

  11. Wow! On my way to the kitchen now! Thanks for sharing on Modern Craftswoman Monday! Rory

  12. Great, I'll be over for this for dinner tonight. :) Please come link this up to our party, Fabulous Friday! We'd be honored.
    Heather @

  13. Dear Friend, Thank you so much for linking to the Boardwalk Bragfest. I LOVED your recipe and I'm featuring it on Bobbypins Boardwalk. You can view it here:

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  14. I love fast and easy recipes. Thanks for linking up!


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  16. Who doesn't love bbq chicken? Yum! Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites!

  17. Great BBQ tips! TFS! Chicken is always a summertime favorite! Looks amazing! Thanks so much for joining the Sunday Showcase! I greatly appreciate it! Hope you have a wonderful week! ~ Stephanie Lynn