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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Great Valentine's Day Gifts from santasgiftshoppe on Etsy...Kitchenaid Makover

                KITCHENAID MAKEOVER.....This is the BEFORE

These are the AFTERS....
What a great Valentine's Day Gift...To make your
old plain boring Kitchenaid into a FUN, UPDATED
KITCHENAID. Especially for Valentine's Day or
anytime you want to perk up your kitchen!
Here are some fun ideas for Valentine's Day Gifts
for that special someone.

Personalized Vinyl for Kitchenaids or any Stand Mixer
are a great idea. These are so popular and the person
who receives one to put on their mixer is one happy

The top left example is a personalized name and dots.
You can have up to 3 colors for the dots in various sizes.
Here is the link to it in our Etsy store:

The Middle example is a Damask Pattern for a Kitchenaid
or Stand Mixer. These are very popular as well.
Here is the link to it in our Etsy store:

The Bottom example is a Personalized Vinyl for
Kitchenaids  or Stand Mixers.  You can see the difference the color choices make.

There were a number of husbands buying these for their wives for Christmas. They could not wait to put them on their mixers I was told.  Come by and check our other gifts out as well.

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