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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Valentine's Day Glass Decals and Glasses for Other Occasions

Valentine's Day will be here two weeks from 
tomorrow. What goes? was just Christmas.
I wanted to show you some fun ideas for   
"Valentine's Day" or any special occasion
from our shop on Etsy. These beautiful glasses
(above) were made  by a customer of mine
with vinyl decals she purchased from
 "Santa's Gift Shoppe Vinyl Year Round".  

She did a fabulous job..Don't you think? 
She ordered the decals with the name/
Initials and dots she wanted for her sons 
wedding in Texas.(if I remember it right) 
She just loved them and was surprised at 
how easy it was. She ordered many Names
/Initials and Dots (they are sold individually 
with 1 name/Initial and Dots or 5 of those 
in a set) with transfer tape on them. You receive 
easy directions and very quickly you have a 
beautiful table setting. Here are a few other 
glass ideas for those other special occasions 


You too, can make beautiful glasses like these 
for  Valentine's Day (or any special occasion) 
for that special someone" and yourself. The
vinyl decals & dots are priced very inexpensively
You could even go to Dollar Tree and get beautiful
glasses for a great price as well.
Here is a link to the store:

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day and
don't forget to take a peek at our Fun Vinyl Decals 
for all the fun occasions in your life. We also have 
hearts and dots for kitchenaids.  

1 comment:

  1. These are just brilliant ideas. I am very impressed!! I would like to use these glass décor ideas in my daughter’s sweet 16th birthday bash that I am planning to throw at most beautiful beachside party venues in Los Angeles. Thanks for the inspirations!!