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Friday, January 15, 2016

Valentine's Day..Gift Items...Hand Sanitizers..Kitchenaid Decals...Monograms

                        We have a lot of fun in our Etsy store making 
                        things that will help you update or brighten up 
                        your home decor.Valentine's Day is coming and 
                        these are a few gift ideas we have been working 
                        on in the shoppe.
                       The top photo is our Valentine's Day Hand Sanitizer
                       with hearts instead of dots. We love making these 
                        for our customers and the compliments they get for 
                        giving it as a gift...well, the recipients just love them..
                        especially teachers. Come check them out. Here is 
                        the link:

                        Below is our Kitchenaid Vinyl Swirls Design. It updates
                        your mixer as well as your kitchen decor. People just
                        have so much fun with these.

                           Next (below) are Monogrammed Vine Letters. First Initial
                           is your First name, Second (largest) is your Last name, and
                           Third is your Middle name. Everyone  loves these. You can
                           put them, laptop, iPad, notebook, sports
                           bag, mixers, the ideas are endless.

                             The last item (below) is a set of 10 different sizes 
                             of 3-Letter Monograms. There again they can go
                             on laptops, iPads, cars, Kitchenaids, anything looks
                             great with a monograms. They are so popular right now.
                             They are priced at only $1.79 per decal.
                             Here is the link to these items:

                              Anyway..come on over for a fun time looking at all the
                             great items there are to make your home more fun and


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