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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Christmas in July/Aug (Day#4) Family Room

Well we are finally back from vacation (after
almost 3 weeks) & ready to continue our
home tour..Christmas in July/Aug
(Day #4) Family Room...

We start off at the focal point (the
fireplace/w handmade stockings,
wooden handmade Girl & Boy Angels,
handmade wreath/garland w/mini
lights, & homemade cat w/oval
patchwork quilt

Next is our 2nd full-size tree..This is our
down-home handmade-ornaments..mostly tree..
This is one of the Best Frugal buys..I've ever
made.. Reg. Price $200. I think its about 7 1/2'
tall (w/lights included) I got it after
Christmas for $20 @ Target..

It's only 3 pieces & pretty easy to put together...
Love I do with what is under it..our sweet
cat "Ellie"

BELOW: Are blocks that I love to make & sell. Believe, Noel, Joy....

BELOW: This is one of my favorite things
to make/sell...Wise Men Still Seek Him..
on a charger..Self explanatory!!

BELOW: This is a wooden vinyl sign
w/overlay..I love 2 for 1 stuff!!
"Home..Where our story begins"
Isn't that the truth!!!
BELOW: A great little accent for
any room..Vinyl Stackers..w/a bow
to boot! "Happy Holidays" I have
these all over the house with great
different sayings....

BELOW: This is on top of our TV..
a series of Trees I painted white &
put gold glitter/bows on...Then I
had different colored glittered
reindeer's..I love the look..

And Last..BELOW: I love this that
I make/sell...And the stockings were
hung...includes 2 stockings!! For info
on any of the items I make/ me
Hope you had as much fun as I did
showing you around my home & ideas
I shared with you...Let me know what
you think!! We will continue in a few days...
stay tuned...


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