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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cleaning a Crock Pot Fast and Easy

I thought I would give you a kitchen tip that I saw on
Pinterest. I tried this and it is fast and easy. Two words
that I really like. I have pics to show you the Before and After.

Since the Championship games for NFL and AFL are
on 1/23/16 and then Super Bowl is on Feb 7th I know a lot
of Crock Pots are going to get used a lot, so I thought I would
tell you this tip in hopes of making your clean-up a little easier.

***This idea is for the INSIDE of the crock pot
(the aluminum part) not the ceramic bowl.***

What you need:
~ 1 can oven spray cleaner (check label to be sure it is
ok to use on aluminum)
~ Some scrubbies (the green and yellow scrubbers)

Spray an even coat of foam around the inside of the cooker...
the aluminum part.(I did it in my kitchen and did not have any 
problem with any fumes)..but you may wish to do it outside. 

Let it sit for about 90 min. After that...use a scrubby sponge
to wipe out the foam. LOOK for yourself @ pics down below:
Hope this helps you with the clean up. Enjoy the games.


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