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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Tour 2010 (Favorite Things)

Happy Dec. 26th!! Hope you all had a magical
Christmas with the ones you love! I did!

I wanted to continue with our Christmas Home
Tour with some of my Favorite things I love to
put out at Christmas time. I hope it will give
some inspiration to all of you who like to craft..
Especially...That you can do anything!!

(Below) is a picture of our Family room coffee table
with a Big Black wooden "Blessings" sign & "Believe"
Blocks I made last year. I love them.
The pic. (below) is of a favorite Christmas Quilt I
got years ago..The Stocking were Hung..I made
a couple of years ago to sell. I love the homeyness
of the Stockings/Quilt..

This is my Choir Angel Girl that is on on our
Fireplace Mantel..
This is the Choir Angel Boy on the other
side of the mantel.. I bought them at a
Christmas Boutique years ago..I have
treasured them ever since.
(Below) are a few things on the fireplace..a large
lamb/cat/quilt I made & a glass Jingle all the
way cube my daughter-in-law made me last
These 2 strip quilted pillows (below) I had made
about 33 yrs ago believe it or not. I love them
now as much as I did when I asked a lady to
make them for me..(I started crafting soon after)

Bathrooms can be dressed up for Christmas
as well. A small tree here..some silk flowers
there..some JOY silver letters...a Christmas
wall hanging heart quilt...

Even a hallway can give inspired thoughts to
your guests...This is a big oval cross stitch
that I look forward to putting up each yr.
Below is The Snowmen Quilt I hand-stitched a
number of years ago. Don't you love the feel of
a hand-stitched quilt??
This is one of my Favorite little "Peaceful"
spots in our home..The end of the hallway
where the "Atonement Tree" is displayed
with all the "Gifts" that our savior has freely
given to each one of us...Hope..Love...Joy...
The Atonement....I got the idea a couple of
yrs. ago seeing a dear friends atonement
tree/gifts...Don't you love the idea???

This is one of our extra bedrooms..I love the
Christmas Quilts on all our beds..It's so festive.
One thing I love to make is take Red pillowcases
& put contrasting print ruffles/binding tape sewn
on them..They're just fun to sleep on them! Hope you enjoyed our tour...Family Room/Tree tomorrow..


  1. Your quilts are beautiful! There is nothing cozier than a hand stitched quilt. And I love the atonement tree-what a great idea.

  2. Where did you find the black "blessings" sign? I would love to find one!