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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Home Tour 2010 (Village)

CHRISTMAS VILLAGES..Aren't they great??
My mom had one when I was growing up &
it was humble, simple, & everyone loved it.
Nothing like the fantastic ones of today..I have
seen small ones, large ones..even one that took
about 3 levels to do!! But they are all beautiful
in my opinion...

Mine started small but grew each year as I
added houses, school, church, people, trees
& memorable items that I would treasure
from various places (Solvang..etc.)

It's grown from about a couple of feet to
about 10ft. It has its own little personality
of a Christmas Village. How about you?
Did your mom or do you now have a
Christmas Village??

1) This is the main part of my village,
with all the buildings, people, trees, etc.
Each year it looks a little different..
This year is my favorite. My daughter
set it up for takes a long time!

2) (BELOW) This is my countdown to
Christmas Advent Calender Chalet...
One of my all time favorite things. I found
it years ago @ Costco. It had a candy behind
each date (door) but I took Christmas Cards
of friends from years past & glued them in
each box so it reminds me of the wonderful
friendships I have as well as a great Christmas
Countdown Swiss Chalet..

It makes me feel like I'm in an Alpine Village
in Switzerland or something!

3) This is a good view of the village. (BELOW)

(That's Charlie Brown with his little Christmas Tree
in the front)

I love the Village Square Sign in the middle &
all the carolers (Below)

6) I love the windmill we got from the Swedish
Village in California called Solvang..and the
skaters on the pond.

Hope you enjoyed the beginning of our
2010 Christmas Home Tour starting
off with our "Village". Stay tuned for
more rooms & ideas to come in the next
few days..


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! Charlie Brown love all around

  2. I'm totally side-tracked by your paint color. It looks just like my dining room (you can see it:

    Mine is a dusty salmon from BM.

  3. Awesome stuff! These are so beautiful! Do link up to my blog carnival here -

    Happy holidays!