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Friday, January 14, 2011

12 Favorite Crafts @ Santa's Gift Shoppe

Even though the below photos of the Vinyl
Lettering Tiles I make are on a giveaway
already closed.. I wanted to share some of the
phrases/ideas & where to purchase items you
may be interested in....They are always in my
ETSY STORE..They are one of my most
popular items..CLICK HERE

These Vinyl Monogrammed Tiles are
always a cherished gift whether for
a Valentine's Day gift, Wedding, Birthday,
Mothers' & Father's Day..anytime..

It's so great because you decide what Letter,
name or names, dates (marriage, birth) to
choose so you get to help create & Personalize
the gift @ no extra charge.

To check it out CLICK HERE & HERE

To see the post below CLICK HERE

2 pics below CLICK HERE & HERE

Below Fun Aprons..CLICK HERE

Below..Monogrammed Pendants/Blog Hop
Check it out..CLICK HERE & HERE

I love making Vinyl Lettering ANYTHING!
That are a few fun ideas on
Chargers/Glass..CLICK HERE

Here are some fun Christmas' past ideas.
I had a lot of fun making this cute ELF
CLOCK..Check it out..CLICK HERE

Below are Designer Christmas Trees.
They are one of my Favorite Things
to design & make..All Sizes..18"-5'
Check it out.. CLICK HERE

These were so much fun to make/sell.. I love
anything Charlie Brown & the Gang so these
were a real TREAT..especially for Halloween..

I'm sure I'll be making a lot more sets this
Halloween. Check it out...CLICK HERE

I love to make Vinyl Stackers..There is so
much you can do with them for each holiday.
Plus Personalizing them forBabies/kids, etc.

I'm teaching myself the art of Quilling..
I love these that my sister made..Check
it out..CLICK HERE

How much fun is this?? One-Stroke Hand
Painting on Pillows..I made a tutotial
for you & there is even a Video link from
the creator of One-Stroke on
How to do it!! Check it out..

Another Fun & Final project are my One-Stroke
Hand Painted Ornaments..I love all the colors.
I make small & large ornaments..Someday
I am going to do a FULL Tree in them....In
this post it also shows you bookmarks, too.
Check it out..CLICK HERE

Hope you got some inspiration.....Hugs....


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