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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Easy Tips for transitioning Spring/Summer into Fall

Here we are...already into Sept/Back to School!!...
It's still pretty warm here (90's) but I absolutely LOVE
the starting of the coming season....The crisp Fall....
mornings and beautiful colors that come with
Fall, and then the HOLIDAY Season.....
Thanksgiving, Christmas , & the New
Year.........and of course our Santa's Gift Shoppe
HOME Boutique....

Mark your calendars for:
Fri. Dec. 3rd (10am - 7pm) &
Sat. Dec. 4th (10am - 4pm)

I know some of you don't like the Holidays because
of so much more work you have to do & the pressure,
but maybe I can offer some Helpful Tips that make
changing the decor in/out of your home a little less
challenging & time consuming to do.

The Top Photo of the Spring Wreath just shows
you a way (that I use) to try & make the Spring/
Summer into Fall
transition easier for me to do......
and about 1/2 hr. to do the whole porch.....

I love these...They are some of my Favorite Storage
Containers....You should be able to get them @
Walmart, Target, Michael's during the Holiday
Season or the "After Holiday Sales".....They
are worth it...

*******I use a wreath container to hold my
Fall wreath in the Spring & Spring..........
and my Spring/Summer wreath in the Fall.
It also saves on the wear & tear of the wreath
itself.....So in a very little amount of time I
switch the wreaths on the porch.....&.....viola....
"It's starting to look like Fall on the porch"
This Photo shows I do the same thing with
Table Runners/Cloths.....Have a special place
for them in the linen closet or wherever.... so you
won't have to run around trying to remember where
you put them last year......if they are in the same spot
all the time........ That's one of the benefits of
organizing... It Saves Time....& I love that.....

This Photo.....shows the "Before" or....
our Spring and Summer porch.....

Then with just a few changes of Fall flowers
into the planters and changing the wreaths
you have a "Welcoming for Fall" as well as a
warm & friendly welcoming to your friends..
As in the Photo Below....."The After"

This Photo shows the Fall flowers/colors that
were used in each planter....

This Photo is a Close-up of the coordinating
(matching) Fall flowers/colors used in the
wreath as well....
This Photo shows how easy it is to find
the Fall change with the
Spring flowers...when stored in a plastic
tub that has Spring Flowers written on one
side and Fall Flowers on the other (see
bottom Photo)

So....they are easy to "see" what's in them....
because of the "clear"plastic .....and they
keep the bugs out too!!!!!!!!!!These are one
of my Favorite Storage Containers...
I hope these "ideas and suggestions" have
helped you in some way......even to start storing
things in plastic/see through tubs to help
organize your garage or storage area.... Let
me know what you think......


  1. Following you from Friday Trendy Treehouse, would appreciate a follow back, trying to build a following. I will take a look on your Etsy site. Thanks!

  2. Great ideas - love the before and afte r- thanks for sharing, Paula from Idaho