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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Quilling for Scrapbooking, Cards, & Ornaments

This is a sample of what "Quilling" is.........
It's definitely a lost art....It's quite beautiful &
unique all at the same time.

It's the "Art" of rolling thin strips of paper,
to form a shape, thus a design....& making
it into Betsy does.
Betsy K. is our "Quilling Elf" and we will have
a nice selection of her quilling to choose from @
Santa's Gift Shoppe Boutique (Dec. 4th, 5th)

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As seen in the above photos
there are words
for handmade cards or phrases to make a
scrapbook page "POP".

You just take a bit of glue....put it on
a toothpick...put it on the quilling and
place on the pg. or card you want it to go &
hold for a few seconds......It's done...

The Snowflake Ornaments are really pretty.
They glisten as the light hits them.

There are many "smaller quillings" to choose from
such as teacher items, seashore, nature, hearts,
etc. They would add alot to a "scrapbook page" or
"handmade card"....

The prices are lower than reasonable...
the smaller items...when you look at the stores (they
charge so very much more for the same kind of items)

Most "Quillings" now....are in museums dating back
from the 19th century...but it's coming back...
Thanks to people with a love of creativity and have
the patience to make them....It's a time consuming are most hand crafted items made with LOVE.

Its origin... dates back to the 16th century...
but some believe it started long before that.
The items that have been found...suggest that.....
monks & nuns started it to duplicate ornate metal
designs (they had seen) but had to make them out
of edges of paper because of the cost..... So, now
you know a little more about Quilling than you probably
wanted....but as Martha would say "It's a Good Thing."


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