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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Monte Cristo Sandwiches

I was thinking about what to have for dinner
tonite....I wanted to make something light....but filling..

Monte Cristo Sandwiches came to mind...........
These are sooo good.......I was first introduced
to these little babies years ago in a Make-a-Mix
Cookbook.......I then found them again at Disney-
Land (in the Blue Bayou Restaurant) at the
Pirates of the Caribbean Ride.

They're the best....especially with the homemade
Boysenberry/Strawberry Jam (one of the
jams that will be at Santa's Gift Shoppe Boutique
Dec. 4th & 5th this year)....You've got to try them..
This is my own take off of them......The flavors of the
luncheon meats, cheese, confectioners' sugar, & jam
blends together and melts in your mouth.....Yumm!!!!

12 slices white bread
6 slices ham
6 slices turkey
6 slices Swiss cheese (original recipe says 12 but 6
tastes great)
Mayonnaise to cover 12 slices of bread
1 c. Complete Pancake Mix (original recipe uses
Make-a-Mix batter...but this is easier I think)
1 c. milk
2 eggs

Take 2 eggs, milk, & pancake mix and beat until
smooth.... Set aside....

Take 12 slices of bread and spread mayo on each.
Place a slice of Swiss cheese, ham & turkey on each.

Cut off crust (save for birds, or freeze for stuffing)
on all sides....and cut into 2 diagonal pieces for
each sandwich.....

***You can use a skillet @ 350 degrees or a
frying pan & put it medium to hot (just keep
an eye on it) Put some butter in a warm frying
pan so sandwiches will not stick.

Dip each triangle sandwich into egg mixture.
Place in frying pan or skillet. Watch carefully
until done (a minute or two) on each side or
until swiss cheese is melted.

To Finish: Garnish with confectioners' sugar
& jam on top of each sandwich.....

Tip: To make confectioners' sugar look like
a dusting....use a shaker or very small strainer
& tap sides as sugar is placed over sandwiches.

They are great for brunch, lunch or dinner.....


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