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Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Trees & Blog Hop

I know people who have already put their Christmas trees in the 1st week of Nov...I love Christmas probably more than some kids even but we all have our traditions & ours is putting 2 Christmas trees up the weekend after Thanksgiving..We like to enjoy the beauty of the season as long as possible so I understand the people that put them up asap after Halloween.

I thought I would give you a peek inside our Family room to show you 1 of our trees & how we decorate it. (With Old fashion type ornaments)

Here is a glimpse of our 7 1/2 foot Artificial Tree we have in our Family room. It is called a slim tree (it doesn't take up as much room as a regular size tree) it is our "Old Fashion Christmas Tree" decorated with mostly hand made ornaments..some 35 yrs. old, some our adult children like left on this tree so when they come home for Christmas they can relive memories of childhoods past.

I made dough ornaments many yrs ago. I did
not make this one but love it. We have a
mixture of handmade/old fashion ornaments
on this tree. There are many cross-stitched
ones too. These are some of my favorites I
love to reminisce about each year.

I love our mechanical Santa..He has been
a part of our Christmas for many years..
He hasn't changed a bit in all these yrs..

We always have red bows/Angel on top & red/
white fur tree skirt...I love the old fashion
It reminds me somewhat of the
ornaments when I was growing up..Our
tree however was always a Charlie Brown
type for a few dollars..I always thought it
was beautiful..I guess because of all the
love that it received...It looked like the
Rockefeller Center tree to me...My parents
always made things wonderful even if we
did not have as much as others...we have plenty
of love & that made for a wonderful childhood.

Hope this inspires you to even Make some of your ornaments
this year & treasure them for years to come.

Here is the Blog Hop where you get to show all of us
what you hav been making....Have fun & leave comments..

1 comment:

  1. I love all the beautiful hand made ornaments on your tree. Definitely a tree filled with memories!!
    Adore that sweet Santa!!

    Thanks ofr sharing with us!