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Monday, May 16, 2011

Sweet 16 Candle/Glass/Mon. Blog Hop

Here is what I've been doing lately...
Celebrations of all kinds...It's that time
of year (Graduations..Special Birthdays..
Wedding Season!! Excitement & Fun..I love
it all.)

Below is my latest project...Easy idea &
so cute for the "Sweet 16 Teenager" in your
life. Surprise her/him (chose different colors)
with a beautiful "Personalized" goblet (or
you could change it up for the "Special
Graduate") whatever...the ideas are endless.

Just get that Vinyl machine out & cut out
"16" in 1 font.."Sweet" in another..& layer
on top of each other on a candle. Same
with the glass. Do the Monogrammed "B"
& then the name..Bailey in this case.

Now you have a beautiful way to start
their day with orange juice fit for a
King/Queen. They can use it all day long.
Sparkling Cider for dinner..It will make
them feel SPECIAL because they are!
Have fun making these..I did.

Blog Hop below..You know the rules...
Follow this blog..Something you've made,
etc....Leave comments for everyone...


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