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Monday, May 23, 2011

Hair Bow Holder/Mon. Blog Hop

Hi everybody..Hope you had a good weekend.
Sorry this is getting up so late. Thought I'd
show you something I made for a friend of
mine who has 2 adorable little girls. I wanted
to make them something special for each.

This is a Hair Bow Holder..really simple..

You can get the glitter Letters @ Michael's &
I just glued some scrapbook paper to the
back & put on a metal saw tooth hanger (with
prongs already attached)

I sewed a washer in a little pocket at the
bottom of each ribbon (to hold the ribbon down)
used some 1 1/4" Gross Grain Ribbon (approx. 3'
long) I then glued a white wooden heart at
the bottom & glued a bow on top of the heart
for embellishment. And your done..

Your turn..What have you been working on?

Blog Hop below photos..You know the rules..
Follow this back to the party with
your post not your main pg. Have Fun!!


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