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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Please No Soliciting Vinyl Decal/ Wednesday Blog Hop

How many times have you wished the
solicitors would not come knocking on
your door?? I made this "Please No
Soliciting Vinyl Decal" to hopefully (in
a nice way say "No Thank You") I love
how it turned out & the frame that
goes around it, too.

I'm so glad you are here to join us for
Wednesday's Blog Hop...Scroll down
below to add your item...

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Now for this weeks Picks!!

1) "Rolo Cookies???" WOW!! Don't they
look delicious?? Find our her recipe
on her great blog..CLICK HERE

2) Beautiful "Spring Ribbon/Polka Dot Wreath!!"
You got me at Polka Dots..See her blog CLICK HERE

3) Ok..this is just fantastic! For $400??
Check out the amazing transformation!
A Beautiful new "Concrete Countertop"

4) A "50 STATE QUILT"! What a
wonderful idea & look how beautiful
it turned out. To read the beautiful story
& how they did it..CLICK HERE

5) Ok Girl Scout (Tastes like) TAGALONG
Cookies.. Cupcakes!! How great is that??
I have a version of Thin Mint Cookies, &
Samoas on my sidebar (check it out) but
Tagalong Cupcakes..I've got to try these
babies & add it to my Girl Scout Collection..
For the recipe.CLICK HERE
(P.S. I was a Girl Scout & LOVE them!)

Now for today's BLOG HOP..Thanks for all the inspiration!

This blog hop originated @ trendy treehouse..Thanks TT..


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my Fifty State Quilt! You totally made my day!


  2. Thank you so much for the cupcake feature today! That was awesome to see!!!

  3. I like your no soliciting sign. My mom had one on her old door, but she bought a new beautiful front door and didn't want to put the old ugly one back up. She got a knock on the door from a salesman selling vinyl no soliciting signs. Ironic? She bought one. I think it is so funny!