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Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Ideas For Your Home

Merry Christmas!!! Only 10 days
& 4 hrs til Christmas Day 2009!
This is our Family Room fireplace,
lighted garland, wreath & stockings.
Does it make you feel Warm & Cozy?

I hope you've been enjoying the wonder
of the season...especially family &
friends...I have..We had a great time
at the boutique...Saw old friends &
made new ones!!!

As soon as santasgiftshoppe was over
we had to tear down & rearrange for our
annual Christmas Party (our 20th this yr)
So it's been a hectic few weeks...

I thought I'd give you a look at some of
the vignettes (in our home) in hopes to
inspire you as to some simple things that
you can do to bring a big impact into your
own home.

This is a favorite wall of mine..The Gingerbread
This is a lighted garland strung over the China
cabinet that is filled with A Christmas Dish
Collection. Some special Christmas items are atop
the China cabinet.
This home "Believes" I love that saying..
and ours does!!!
More Gingerbread men..
They are a favorite of mine, too!!
Above is an idea that is so simple...To change the
"look" of your Kitchen into a "Christmas Kitchen"
just make or buy RED curtains & instantly you have
changed the atmosphere to "Christmasy."
And last on the tour today is the bath.
Why shouldn't it look "Christmasy"
too??? All we did is put a poinsettia plant,
a Christmas Tree & a quilt wall hanging...
Plus on the wall (you can"t see) is our
"Elf Clock" easy to make out of card
stock...Their fun & cute!!
"The Chocolate Tower" Christmas
Dessert....will be on the blog!! You'll
really want to try this one!!

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  1. Everything looks beautiful, and the boutique looked marvelous this year. I hope it was a great success!