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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How "Interchangables"..can SAVE YOU MONEY

How in this economy.....can I stretch my
money, & at the same time have my daughter
wear the cutest Bows, Flowers & Headbands
that can be very PRICEY online or in the mall???
My mouth dropped open when I found some headbands
w/Flowers online for $10-$16.00....Wow...and it said
SOLD under one of the photos for $16.00.....I could not
believe it....
I will not be charging high prices....I have
always liked finding a good deal on things and I
believe you would too. I will have very good prices
for you @ Santa's Gift Shoppe Boutique....
We are all in this together...Why not help each
other out and get through this a little easier....

One way is to buy what I call "Interchangeables"..
That buy maybe a white headband with a
Pink & white Flower....... then instead of buying
another whole set for Christmas (just get a RED
Flower or a polka-dot Cutie-Pie Bow & use
the same color headband.....MIX & MATCH...
That's why I call them "Interchangeables" ..It's
like stretching your wardrobe.....

The Cutie-Pie Mother/Daughter Apron Set
w/Bow was so popular in the GIVEAWAY.......
I thought you might like to see some of the other
COLORS we will be using for Aprons, Bows, &
Flower Headbands at this years Santa's Gift
Shoppe Boutique (Fri. Dec. 4th & Sat. Dec. 5th)

This is the matching material (soon to be aprons)
that go with the Bows (if you want matching bows that is)

Does anyone have a "Bewitched nose" that I could
borrow to have these done with a "twitch of a nose".....
Wouldn't that come in handy along about now......

The Cutie-Pie Brown/Aqua & Brown/Pink
Polka-Dots are really popular.....

So are the Bright PINK & GREEN Polka-Dots
Then you have the Headbands with "Interchangeable"
Or put a Polka-Dot Cutie-Pie Bow on the
Headband and give it a whole different look....

1 comment:

  1. Love the contemporary and cute fabrics! Can't wait to get another apron. A girl can never have too many aprons! Keep up the good work, Santa and the elves!