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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Happy July....Christmas in July in 2nd Etsy Store

Love that Red, White, and Blue Flag and what 
it stands for. Sincere thanks to all who have ever
fought for our freedoms in this country.

Below are two of the latest Patriotic Decals
from Santa's Gift Shoppe Year Round.
CLICK HERE to see more ideas. 

 We also have a 2nd Esty shoppe now 
open for craft supplies, Christmas items, 
Fabric, Ribbon, jewelry, wood pieces, 
miniatures, all sorts of things to help you 
with your projects now and for Christmas.
Get an early jump start on all those  
Christmas Gifts you wanted to make 
this year. We are adding supplies and
items everyday.

It's called SGScraftsupplyshoppe.
(Santa's Gift Shoppe=SGS)
Right now we have "Christmas in July" 
going on there...Here is the link to that store:  

AS AN EXTRA BONUS...the first 12 
people to purchase anything from the 
New Store will receive an Angel Pin as a
Thank You for FREE.  
See Below:
****Here is a sampling of some of the 
things in the new store:

We would love to help you finish your projects.
Come take a peek and see what the new store offers.


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