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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Christmas Tree Minnie Mouse Ornaments

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Now on
to Christmas! I love just goes by way too fast.

We just got our Christmas tree today. My family
and I love the tradition of all of us going to pick it
out. We usually have santa hats on and everything.

We have 2 that is a 7 1/2 foot green
artificial  one in the family room and the live
beautiful smelling one in the living room (plus
a few around the house which are smaller.) When
I was a child all 5 of us kids had a small tree in our room.
That was so much fun!

We also love the tradition of getting a new ornament
for our family room tree each year, This year we are
making our own Minnie/Mickey Mouse acrylic ornament
as our new one. If you would like to see others like this
you can go to my store "santasgiftshoppe" at ESTY
and get ideas or purchase any that you wish.

They are available for purchase now "santasgiftshoppe on Etsy".

Have a great time putting up your Christmas Tree.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Free Giveaway WINNER!

WE HAVE A WINNER for the Free Giveaway!

Random Calculator chose #4. Danice is our WINNER!

She chose Gift Prize #1...the "Give Thanks Decals" to put

on her glasses to make a beautiful Thanksgiving Day table.

She has 24 hrs. to let me know her address so I can

mail these cute "Give Thanks" decals out to her for  

Thanksgiving Day.

Thank you for entering.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

"FREE GIVEAWAY" for Thanksgiving Day Decals

Hi Everybody..

This GIVEAWAY is to celebrate THANKSGIVING
which gets lost between Halloween and Christmas.
Wouldn't a beautiful table be complete with each of
your glasses saying "Give Thanks" in Gold vinyl.
It's so easy to do and instructions are included with
the prize. The GIVEAWAY is OPEN NOW.

Please READ the Rules for each Entry!

********MOST IMPORTANT RULE**********
Because the WINNER is chosen by a Random
Number Generator..EACH ENTRY HAS GOT TO
BE A SEPARATE COMMENT!!! If you do not
do that..(your odds of winning will greatly decrease)
Let get started!!

#1) "Give Thanks" Gift Package 
This is Table Stemware Decals that say 
Like the picture Below: 
You will receive as many Give Thanks decals 
that your family needs (up to a max. of 12) &


Package #2) You have the choice of  these 
monogrammed Glass Decals (GLASSES NOT 
INCLUDED) and dots (as many as your family 
needs) up to 10 max.) pictured below:


You can have the initials and 
dots of your choice and color 
(Initials need to be same color) 
2 colors for dots up to max. of 
10 Initials. I will send you a color 
chart and font chart to choose 

 ************HERE'S HOW TO ENTER**********

1) Leave a Comment with your email address
(we need the email to notify you if you are the

WINNER of the giveaway) telling me which of 
the 2 Gift Packages (#1 or #2) you would like 
(and why) if you are the WINNER.

2) Become a "FAN or LIKE" Santa's Gift Shoppe on  
FACEBOOK  (in upper right hand corner of this blog or 
Etsy store)

3) I have just started  on Pinterest so Please Become a 

4) Become a FOLLOWER of this blog (on the sidebar)

5) Post about this giveaway on your FACEBOOK
Page & link it back to this post.

6)  Post about this Giveaway on your TWITTER
Page & link it back to this post.

7) Go to my ETSY STORE and PIN something you
like to one of your Pinterest Boards.

8) Go to my ETSY STORE and FAVORITE my store.

This Giveaway is open to the 48 Contiguous
United States..and WILL CLOSE 6pm Nov.19th
Check back the next day to find out if you  

The winner will have 24 hrs. from 6pm Nov.19th - 
6pm Nov. 20th to email me with their address
or another WINNER will be CHOSEN.

*****I will mail your PRIZE...PRIORITY MAIL
to be there in time for your Thanksgiving. *******

Hope you have fun and GOOD LUCK EVERYONE.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thanksgiving Table.."Give Thanks" Decals for your stemware..DIY

It's November and that means  beautiful THANKSGIVING 
DAY tables. This beautiful stemware glass would look gorgeous
on your holiday table.

Can you imagine eight or ten of these at your place settings 
Thanksgiving Day? If you love to "Do It Yourself" and save 
money at the same time this would be fun, easy and fast. 

You purchase the decals from our ETSY store and put them on 
your glasses and you get all the compliments when asked who
did these beautiful glasses?

Here s the link to this item in our Etsy store: 

A lot of times Thanksgiving gets lost between Halloween &  
Christmas. But it is one of the most important holidays we have. 
We each have so much to be grateful for and we need to 
acknowledge it to our Heavenly Father. I am so grateful 
for everyone in my life and for precious life itself

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

 ...P.S. We will be having a FREE GIVEAWAY coming up
later this month..Stay tuned for how to enter ...We will be 
giving away as many "Give Thanks" decals as you have
 family at your table ( up to 12 max.) Stop by to enter to win.