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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Halloween, Pumpkins, & Jack-o-Lanterns..Oh My!

Pumpkins everywhere...FUN..FUN..FUN! This particular
pumpkin I love. It's one of our newest in our Etsy store. I love
the beautiful Monogramming on it especially, and the dots. I
always love dots. They can perk anything up in your kitchen
or anywhere in your house. Halloween is only a couple weeks

If you are interested in window shopping or purchasing the vinyl
decals so you can do one like this...Here is the link to the Polka 
Dot Pumpkin  Click HERE

Here are more Pumpkins and (their links) from the store:
                                      This is one of my favs...Check it out HERE.

                                       If you like Polka Dots/Initials Click HERE.

                                 If you like Spiders/Webs check this one out HERE

                                       This little happy pumpkin is found HERE.

                                     This funny pumpkin can be found HERE.

                                             Check the above idea HERE

                                  You can see this monogrammed pumpkin HERE

                                See these Monogrammed Pumpkins HERE.

Hope you have fun with your pumpkins this year. Drop by
and take a peek at all the ideas for Halloween.

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