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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

This is a tribute to my Mom...& all moms..
even though she is up in heaven with
my dad...I know she will know just how
much she is missed &  loved by her children
&  grand children.. especially on Mother's
Day..this Sunday!
Although she had a hard life growing up
(her own mother died when she was 1yr. old
& her dad died when she was 15) she made
a wonderful life for my dad & us 5 kids & I
will be eternally grateful for all the wisdom
she gave each one of us & example she
showed daily..
First & foremost she was the most charitable
person I ever knew..she always made room for
people who did not have a place to stay or food
to eat. She opened her home & her heart to
always helping someone or something.
Below is an old picture (sorry it's blurry) of her
helping a Rooster that my little sister brought
home from school (to give a good home to) My
mom was raised on a farm & she helped that little
rooster (until the neighbors complained of being
woke up@ 5am!) He eventually went to a zoo.

You could always find her in the kitchen
laughing & baking something for
somebody in need. She would bring in
dinners, babysit, take care of the elderly..
you name it..she did it.. But by the same
token...she was always there for
each one of us to make feel special
everyday. She had a special gift that way.
I think it was because as a child she only had 1 pair
of shoes & 1 dress made out of a flour sack material
&  her parents dying so young she wanted to give
us everything but most importantly..time & love.

She worked the graveyard shift at the hospital
just so she could have breakfast ready & lunches
made when we got up each morning...& be home
when we got home from school so she could help
us with our homework & have chocolate chip cookies
& milk waiting. I really wondered when she ever got
to sleep or eat..She loved cooking meals & serving
them to my dad & us kids &  she would get up 10
times for us before she ever got a bite of food.
(That reminds me of the "Christmas Story" Mom)

Anyway..I salute you mom & treasure all our talks,
& everything you taught me about being a good mom.
I cherish the memories of all our times baking together
& you being such a good example of Charity to others.

Your loving Daughter,

*****Hope all of you get to give your moms a kiss
& hug (I wish I could) & tell them how much they
mean to you..Life goes too fast & is too short to
not tell them what they mean to you...


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