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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Day Dessert/Blog Hop

Valentine's Day is coming so what a wonderful surprise it
would be to have a wonderful, delectable, mouth
watering DESSERT like Chocolate Covered Strawberries.

Friends always think they take a long time to make,
but truth be known they are really easy to make...

Why don't you surprise that special person that you
love ...with these babies...I bet he/she will love them &
you for being so thoughtful....

12 oz. semi-sweet chocolate chips or wafers
2 Tbsp. butter or shortening
2 (1lb.) boxes of fresh strawberries

You also will need: baking sheet, wax paper,
microwave-safe bowl

1) Line a baking sheet with wax paper (I used
Cut-Rite). This will give you a good place for
the strawberries to cool & harden after you
dip them in the melted chocolate.

2) Wash strawberries...

and dry thoroughly.

Paper towels are probably the best to use for
drying strawberries. You want the melted chocolate
to adhere to the strawberry without any problems.
SEE BELOW: (Also leave the hulls on the
strawberries so you have a "Handle" to hold
on to while dipping.)
3) Put chocolate chips & butter or shortening
in microwave-safe bowl.

4) Place in microwave & heat for 1 min (on 50%
power) Continue to stir & check every 30 sec.
until smooth. SEE BELOW:

5) To dip strawberries: Take strawberry by the
stem (hull) and dip into melted chocolate...

6) They should be dipped almost completely & placed
on prepared baking sheet (with wax paper)
7) After placing them on baking sheet..
Let them dry thoroughly..Place in refrigerator
until hardened if necessary. (I like to do that!)
They harden faster that way...
8) You did it!!!!!!! See that wasn't so hard..
Now go share these with someone special..
These are Sooooo Delicious.....Enjoy!!!


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