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Monday, February 13, 2012

Easy Valentine's Day Treats/Blog Hop

Happy Valentine's Day!! Hope you have a fun day
with that special person. Above is a photo of the
Candy Treats for my husbands class tomorrow.

These are so EASY/FAST..
You just need:
Candy Melts (you can get at Walmart or Michael's)
Assorted sprinkles
Pop sticks & plastic bags with twist ties
Marshmallows (Big kind)
Oasis foam

2) Put Marshmallows on sticks (see below)

3) Line up sprinkles & put melts in bowls.

4) Put candy melts in microwave safe bowl & microwave
on high for 1 min. Take out..CAREFUL might be very hot.
Stir to help candy melt . Put back in Microwave oven
30 sec. & should be done..stir (see below) You need it smooth
enough to dip marshmallow in & turn all around so candy melts
cover the marshmallow. After that **Hold over sprinkles bowl & take
handfuls of sprinkles to cover candy melts. (See Below)

5) Place finished Marshmallows in Oasis Foam til dry.
(see below)
6) Let dry...Take dry Valentine's Day treat & put plastic
bag over Marshmallow & put twist tie around to secure for

8) It's now ready to give the kids some Valentine Day Treats
& Homemade Candy Marshmallows.

Hope you have fun & enjoy your kids & loved ones
this Valentine's Day!


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