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Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Fun Eyeballs Decorations

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some fun!

These are "blood-shot eyeballs"
from "Martha".
She does Halloween like no other!! I've heard
her say it's one of her favorite Holidays. I have

Materials needed:
2 plastic softball size balls (for 1 pair)
1 old pair of beige nylons (or knee-hi nylons)
blue tissue paper (or whatever color you want
for the iris)
black construction paper (for pupil)
1 piece white paper (for highlights)
scissors, hole punch, glue, red marker

Cut out large iris circle from colored tissue
paper. Glue one on each of the balls. (You
may want to add two layers of tissue so it's
not transparent) Cut smaller circle from
black paper. Glue on top of iris. Punch 2
holes from white paper (for highlights)
Glue in place. Draw wiggly "blood-shot" lines
on white all stemming from iris. Place each
ball in the foot of each nylon. Cut if needed &
tie @ top of nylons together to prevent eyes
from falling out. Drape on porch or wherever.

Have a great Halloween!!!


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