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Thursday, October 7, 2010

2 for 1 Halloween Witch Wood Block/Monster Eyes Hot Chocolate

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I think I have told you..Halloween isn't just for kids!!
I have alot of fun myself during all these holidays til the
end of the year especially..Making lots of great Family
Memories/Traditions that never end..That's the
Best Part...the family memories..

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I also love to participate in Link parties..I do alot
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or things that you can do to have more fun/creativity in
your own life...

Well....the above photo is my attempt to make
"Monster Eyes" which I found @ The Farm Girl
website..great blog...check it out!

Supplies to make Monster Eyes:
2 Big Marshmallows
2 Black Jelly Beans
2 Lollipop Sticks

Take a lollipop stick end & stick it in the jelly bean
then stick it through the Big Marshmallow & put it
in the hot chocolate...Have a laugh!! The weight of
the lollipop stick helps it to not fall over so much but
it will fall over a little..depending on which way you
put the jelly beans you can give them different
personalities sorta like "Mr. Potato Head"
Anybody see his "angry eyes"? I love Toy Story!!!

Since it's chilly in the morning I decided to do one of
our families tradition & that is making my Mother's
& a Family Secret) It is @ my Christmas Boutique

It's even more special because she is no longer living...
Here's to you Mom...I love you & Miss You!

This is the newest addition to my Halloween Blocks..
Another 2 for 1 deal..1 side says..The Witch is in..
The other side says Spooky...So..whatever kind of
mood your in I guess..LOL They are in my ETSY Shop.
They are fun decorations for your home!!

just brings out the kid in me..I love the
costumes, decorations, traditions, needless to say
the goodies......and Best of all...It's crisp, cool, &
beautiful outside... I LOVE THIS TIME of YEAR
all the way through the end of the year. I hate to have
to see all the decorations go back in hibernation til
next year...But all the memories are so great!

Hope you & your Family Make Alot of "Special

Memories" together during all these Holidays

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