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Saturday, April 17, 2010

SNEAK PEEK of "Santa's Gift Shoppe" (Year Round) on "ETSY"

Do you love Polka Dot?? I do...I love any
kind of aprons..but polka dot ones are a favorite.
I love the matching plates as well..What a
FUN IDEA for a Valentine's day gift or
Mother's Day surprise..
(who wouldn't feel "cuter" in the kitchen
wearing one of these!!!)

I've selected a few color combinations of these
Cutie-Pie Aprons that we have & each
can be matched with a child's apron as well.
How cute is that???

A matching Mom/Daughter Cutie-Pie Apron
set or even a Grandma/Grand-Daughter Cutie
-Pie Apron set. We love anything that brings
family closer & making Great memories!!
I can smell the aroma of Chocolate Chip Cookies
in the oven right now....

I love these "Kiss the Cook Plates" They
go so well with the Cutie-Pie Aprons!!
Some of the Most Popular Aprons...are the
Black/White Polka dot...& the Red/White
Polka dot Cutie-Pie Combos...

This is a cute color combo.. Bubble Gum Pink/
Lime sickle Polka dot. This is the adult apron. & This is the child's "matching one"

This is the Child's Aqua/Chocolate
Polka dot Apron...

& the Child's Red/Forest Green
Popular Plaid Apron...

We also have a limited selection of Beanie Caps
with 4" detachable Flowers (2 looks for
the price of one)
& a wide selection of "Cutie-Pie" Polka dot
Bows (you could even match the Apron!!!)
& Flowers with/without headbands..
All are "interchangeable" with each other
(Fancier Flowers with lg. Rhinestones..
available but not shown in photo)


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  5. I love my new red polka dot apron (won from a few months ago). Thanks so much for the jelly, too. We have never had anything better. Can't wait to see your Etsy shop soon!

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  16. love the aprons. good item for the girls in the family.

  17. hi those are really cute finds. loved the aprons and kiss the cook plate.

  18. cute aprons! Can't wait to see some of it up in your shop!

  19. Thanks for stopping by! I love those aprons, can you believe I have never owned an apron? but I do own stained clothing from cooking... Duh!!! Those are adorable, and would look great hanging in my kitchen!!!

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    I specialize in bags and purse but do some other crafty things on the side. Just finished up a diaper bag tutorial a few weeks ago.

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