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Monday, July 25, 2011

Halloween Party Glasses/Monday Blog Hop

Halloween Party Glasses...I like to plan ahead..
So this is to hopefully inspire you to plan ahead
as well.

Just thinking about the Fall makes me happy in
this 100+
degree weather. I love the fall colors,
the different
fun holidays & gatherings of family
& friends, & the
wonderful football games....
Did I mention I LOVE the COOLER weather!!!!

So these glasses are for a Halloween Party....
are so much fun for everyone..So festive..
so upbeat.

I just chose a font & cut some waterproof vinyl out
put some dots on (I love dots) & you have a fun,
festive, inexpensive party glass.

What have you been doing??Can't wait to see....
You guys inspire me!!! BLOG HOP BELOW...

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