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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Foodista Blog Cookbook Contest/Salmon made Easy

Before we start talking about "Salmon made Easy"
I'd like to tell you of a wonderful opportunity that
came my way last week...& to ASK FOR YOUR HELP..

A "Food editor" came across my blog & suggested
that I be in a Contest to find the recipes that will
go into a Worldwide Cookbook this Fall. She
saw the "Peanut Clusters" that I had made and
told me how to enter..

The Contest closes soon...Feb. 28th
if any Family, friends, or blog watchers would
like to help me out & VOTE..You can connect to the
"Foodista" Blog by clicking on their Button on
the sidebar.

This will take you to their website & where my
entries are..& you can VOTE...Thank You
Sooo Much for your support..This was completely
unexpected but it would be wonderful to be in a
"International Blog Foodista Cookbook."

1 Lg. piece of Salmon (filleted)
1/2 c. lemon juice
2 Tbsp. Parsley Flakes (I used dried)
Sprinkle of garlic power, salt, & pepper on
both sides

1) There are many methods of cooking
Salmon. One of the easiest for me is to get
the biggest frying pan I have, get it hot,
then "sprinkle" some oil in it and stir it
around to cover the bottom of the pan.

One of my "Favorite Kitchen Tools" to do
this with is the "oil decanter" I keep it by the
stove. I keep extra virgin olive oil/or canola oil
in it. SEE BELOW:

I love it!!!! It gives just the right amount
of "sprinkled oil" into the pan...

2) Place fillet on large plate & sprinkle garlic
powder, salt, pepper, & parsley flakes on
both sides... (I do it right in the pan)

3) In a med/high heated pan, put the
lemon juice and then the whole piece of Salmon
in..Cook (about 5 min on ea. side) Usually 10
min. total for every 1" of thickness. You want
somewhat of a crust on the edges but flaky & juices
still inside.

4) You can cut the Salmon into slices of about
2 " wide (while in the pan.) Let it rest for about
10-15 min. while you make the rest of the meal.

5) When you plate the Salmon you can have
(on the side) some dill, lemon slices, or tartar
sauce. It is a Great source of Omega-3's...
It's sooo...delicious....Enjoy!!!!!

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  1. Voted for both of your recipes. Hope you win. See you in a few weeks!