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Monday, November 16, 2009


REMEMBER WHEN...??? This is a photo of
Christmas Past..around 1961. Barbies,
Shoe Skates, Record Players..some things

We always had a Charlie Brown type-
Christmas Tree...Even though you could see
through it's branches (& cost under $3) it was
BEAUTIFUL to me... because of the FAMILY
SPIRIT of LOVE that surrounded it...

Another "Christmas" Memory...Cousins
in N.Y...Dollies: Tiny Tears, Betsy Wetsy...

Below is a Family tradition...Mom's Annual
Cookie Bake for us & the neighborhood kids..
She taught us how to bake cookies (from scratch)
& have the kids decorate their cans...fill them up
with their treasures they made to take home to
share with their families..

And last is the original type "Christmas Village"
(from the 60's/70's) Do you remember those??
with little plastic houses w/lights in it???
It looks a lot different than our Grand "Christmas
Villages" we have now...A simpler time/a simpler village..
These are but a few memories I have of Christmas'
for me was when I was in another country far away for
(1 1/2 yrs) I was going to marry someone..but decided
against it & had a FEELING I needed to be "HOME
for Christmas" (no matter what) in 1976.

I'm glad I listened to that feeling..because that
was my "Last Christmas" with my Dad...He died
a few months later..unexpectedly @ age 56.

It was the "UN TANGIBLE" precious gift of
"Love & Time" I got to spend with my Dad &
Family...I remember most & Grateful for!!!

***People ask why do you want to have a Christmas
Boutique?? Rearrange your house...all that
time, work, & trouble...

My answer is to UPLIFT & SHARE with the
community...the Christmas Spirit, the wonder
& enchantment of the Season..Things I have been
blessed by my family & growing up with..ideas to
bring families closer together.... free gifts, tips....
Seeing people smile & be happy even with hard
economic times...there's a lot to Love & Share...

CHRISTMAS GIFT??? (tangible or intangible)
Please leave a comment...We would all love
to hear.....Thanks for visiting!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. One of my favorite gifts at Christmas is the ambiance of the season, especially when I take the time to enjoy it...

    One of my favorite Christmas memories has turned into a tradition I anticipate each year. After everyone has gone to bed, and it's quiet enough to hear my thoughts, I enjoy retreating to my special spot positioned in front of our friendly Christmas tree. It seems to welcome me with open arms into its peaceful world of a simpler and more certain time. Sitting in a cushioned recliner, curled up with a cozy blanket and warm mug of my grandmother's homemade hot cocoa, as Christmas classics hum softly in the background provide the perfect backdrop to breathe in the magic and wonder of the season.

    Watching the decorated Christmas tree twinkle in the dark adorned with cherished ornaments, streaming colorful ribbons, and glittering white lights calms the hustle and bustle of everyday, even for a moment, and recharges my soul. This Christmas ritual reminds me of fond Christmases past and the hope of Christmases yet to come. It has become a treasured tradition that renews my spirit and reminds me of the season's true meaning before drifting off into a sound sleep.